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Are you thinking of buying your office chair to be more comfortable? This is an extremely important decision, especially for those who spend a good part of the day at the desk. Remember that the chair you use negatively or positively impacts your health and work efficiency. As soon as you start searching you will see that there are all kinds of functionalities and models. This usually creates confusion and doubts about how to choose the best one. To avoid going crazy with so many options, consider ergonomics as the most important factor. Although aesthetics and cost are important, it is preferable to leave them in the background in relation to comfort and functionality.


The seat is one of the vital aspects when buying your office chair because it is where your spine rests. We recommend you opt for one with adjustable height so that it is easy to adapt it to your height and the height of your table. Try several and buy the one that seems most comfortable at the moment but try to avoid those of fixed height. The problem with a fixed-height chair is that if you change desks, the same chair may not work for you. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground and your thighs are at a 90 to 110-degree angle to the trunk. In case the height of your table causes your feet to dangle, use a small bench to support it.


The back of the office chair should fit your back so that it supports the lower back. Your trunk should be as straight as possible while working, keeping your head and neck upright. It is advisable that the height, inclination, and firmness of the backrest are also adjustable to adapt them to the physiognomy of your back. The angle between the backrest and the seat must be equal to or greater than 100 ° and the height of the backrest must reach, at least, the area of ​​the shoulder blades.


You should always buy your office chair with armrests. Your arms must form a 90-degree angle, including the elbows and forearms. The armrests facilitate the sitting and standing action of the office chair. To increase your comfort, the armrests should be rounded at the edges and padded.


Your office chair must be extremely stable. The best way to ensure this is to have five support points. To facilitate your movement, each support point may have a wheel. When testing your chair, try moving it a little while sitting in it. You feel comfortable? Is it easy to move or are the wheels difficult to turn? Take into consideration the type of floor you have in your home office. When buying the chair, the wheels may rotate without a problem if the store has a smooth and regular floor. In case your floor is rough, look for stronger wheels.


The last thing to watch out for when buying your office chair is the seat and back material. The upholstery must allow air to pass through and be strong enough to withstand continuous use. It is recommended to choose a color and material that you can wash without a problem.

Some chairs have very thin upholstery. The problem with these is that after several hours you end up with pain or discomfort in the body due to the hardness of the internal materials. Regarding colors, it is common to find chairs with black upholstery because it is the color that best hides stains. Lastly, the upholstery must allow moisture and heat to evaporate. To achieve this, avoid the use of plastic materials as they store heat and generate friction.

How to Buy Your Office Chair Online?

Maybe you don’t have the time or the willingness to try chairs at various stores. In that case, buying them online is a good idea. Only remember. Search in shops that have several options, for example, if you are looking for a used chair or new chair, QuikAds Sri Lanka is a better place because you can find them both. But when you are buying them on classified ads platforms make sure to check what other buyers have said and pay attention to the negative points they mention of the seller. You should automatically discard chairs where several customers mention that they are uncomfortable or hard.

Don’t be guided by the price only

Of course, you have a limited budget but at all costs avoid choosing the cheapest without further analysis. Once you establish your budget, compare two or three chairs and choose the one with the best references.

Hope you will be able to find out your desired office chair which will be both comfortable and ergonomic. A good chair provides you a better chance of resisting backpain. If you have a high budget, you will highly likely find a better chair but still, you should check for a good one in the budget which is possible.

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