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Your AC is a vital part of your life and without an AC, life becomes really difficult nowadays. Due to the growing heat around the south Asian countries, AC is the new electronic product that is getting popular in the Sri Lankan region. People living in cities are moving more and more toward buying AC of different sizes and types. If you are one of those people who own an air conditioner or planning to purchase, you need to know how to keep your AC safe and functioning for a long time. A little care and your consciousness can extend the lifecycle of your AC and provide better service for a long time. The following tips and advice are necessarily important to you.

Change and Clean Your Air Filter

The efficiency of your AC depends on the health of your air filter; thus, you need to maintain the health of your air filter. If you can run regular checkups on your AC and look for possible change or clean of your AC’s Air filter, it will give a boost to its performance. In most cases, the replacement of the air filter depends on how consistently you are changing it. On the other hand, you also need to take care of your house is around dusty surroundings or if you have a pet in your house.

As much dusty air you have around your house, the more you have to change your air filter. At least you need to check your AC twice a month so that it remains in your knowledge if you need to change the filter or not. Remember that air filter is a very crucial component of your air conditioner and it is responsible for keeping other components well.

Check and Clean the Coil

The coil is the ultimate component to make the evaporator and condenser running to supply all the cooling features. Over time, the coils get dirty from the weather and you are in utmost need of checking all coils. If you find them collected dirt, you must clean them to keep the system well. The dirt is highly responsible to reduce airflow and absorb heat that is a resistance to the ability of your AC.

Make Sure There is no Debris

Sometimes we forget to check if there is any debris in our outer unit. You may find that grass, leaves or other dirt are stuck in and out of the outdoor unit of your AC and it significantly reduces the efficiency of your AC, so you need to take care of those dirty things. Another most important thing is, birds try to build their nest on the outdoor unit because it is secure and nobody checks this often. Therefore, you must check if the bird is taking advantage of your outdoor unit. It is highly dangerous because the hay might get stuck inside and may occur some serious consequences.

Check on Your Coil Fin

Your coil fin is made of aluminum and it is an element that remains on your AC’s evaporator and condensers, if you find out that your AC is performing less efficiently, you may check on the coil fin which easily gets bent. If you find it bent, you need to make it straight because it blocks airflow all the time. With your intention of making things right, you get to check this more often so that you can fix it yourself to keep your AC better functioning which will contribute to your AC’s health in the long run.

In short, AC has become a necessary electronic device for all of us and if you want to keep your AC better functioning, you must not forget to make a thorough checkup regularly. Make sure to clean your air filter, clean the coil, and straighten your coil fin. You also need to check on your outdoor unit to see if there is any dirt and if any clean them regularly. If you are maintaining everything right, you are going to have a better and lengthy AC lifecycle with efficient performance.

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