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Treadmill buying guide

Keeping yourself fit and healthy requires some exercise and having gym equipment at home is a blessing. If you have gone to the gym and you don’t want to go there anymore, we are here to help you with your fitness mission! Have you thought about doing exercise at home? It may seem lazy, but a lot of people have successfully followed this path!

The secret is to choose your equipment well and be faithful to the routine, without excuses! A device that is easy to handle and that will reduce sedentariness with practicality is the treadmill. But how to choose the ideal treadmill for your type of activity?

On the internet, we have several options for treadmills, from the simplest to the most technological! Before purchasing one, it is necessary to consider some points and this treadmill buying guide is going to help you.

Is the Treadmill for Running or Walking?

Since this treadmill buying guide is intended to provide you with precise ideas, it should direct you to the correct one. If you want to use the treadmill for walking, invest in a simpler one like the residential models, with less mileage. Now for running and pro-level gym fanatics, the ideal is a more robust treadmill like professional models. Some of them pass at a speed of 13 km per hour, ideal for the light on duty!

Think carefully about the engine

Treadmills can be electric or mechanical, and this choice will make a big difference in your training:

Electric Treadmill: The power of the engine generates strength to boost your training. It also allows you to choose at what speed you want to train and some have features like heart rate measurement.

Mechanical Treadmill: The mechanical treadmill works at its own pace. Although the models are more affordable, it is a more difficult treadmill to train, especially for those who are not used to it.

Whatever the engine of your choice, be sure to always respect your body! Go beyond your limits, neither on the treadmill nor on the mechanics! Another important tip is to always think about the accessories you will use during training!

Watch Out for Gripping

One of the advantages of training on the treadmill is its increased gripping capacity. When running on asphalt, the impact on the knees can be great and cause injuries. Also, know the best running shoes that will help in this matter!

Look for Simplicity of The Use of Treadmills

Most treadmills offer a number of adaptive features that the user can choose from when training. But it can intimidate those who are not yet very familiar with the training.  If you’re just starting out, choose a simpler treadmill, with programs that make sense to you. Heart rate measurement is an important aspect.

It may sound silly, but measuring heart rate is one of the most important points on a treadmill.

Don’t Forget to Check the Measurements

A treadmill should be the ideal size for your walk, and it must be neither too narrow nor too wide. The ideal size we suggest is 40cm wide.

Energy Consumption

When buying a product, it is always important to pay attention to energy consumption! And electric treadmills are no different! After all, there is no point in buying equipment and not being able to use it. Some treadmills consume a huge amount of voltage; therefore, you should think about it.

Emergency Button

This is an item that many people will miss. But you need to be very attentive. The emergency button gives your training more security, and you can lock the treadmill if any problems happen.


Some treadmills offer automatic tilt adjustment. This can make your training easier, as some sets of exercises require this adjustment while running or walking.

Compare prices

It is always important to evaluate the cost-benefit of each product. A cheaper treadmill may not offer the feature you need, and it will end up being a nuisance, not an exercise device. Evaluate everything thoroughly before making a decision!

The above-discussed points are most important to consider before you buy any treadmill. If you are adamant and planning to start your fitness journey to start from home, a treadmill is a very good piece of equipment that you should have. And if you are convinced about purchasing a treadmill you should visit QuikAds Sri Lanka to find your treadmill at a very reasonable price. there are options available to buy both used and brand new treadmill here in Sri Lanka. Hope this treadmill buying guide will lead you to the perfect equipment without wasting your money.

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