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Better car maintenance for prevention of damage

Many people depend on a car daily, either to get to their place of work, to take their children to school or to enjoy their leisure time. As public transport in Sri Lanka is still deficient, being without a car can mean a huge headache for anyone who is habituated.

In this sense, taking care of preventive maintenance is essential. Even if you are not an expert in mechanics or electrical, with some simple attitudes, you can drive much more safely out there.

Check the Timing Belt

The timing belt is essential for the operation of the car and should be one of the first items checked when servicing the car. Its function is to maintain the synchronism between the cranks and the camshaft. When it breaks, the engine simply stops running and this can severely damage even the pistons and other parts of your car which will result in the long-term health of your car.

The inspection needs to be done by a professional in a specialized workshop and, generally, you will need to change your timing belt after you ride 50,000 Km.

Change the Radiator Water Regularly

The maintenance of the radiator water is very important and can be done by the driver of the vehicle, preferably every week. No issues if you don’t have a driver, you can also change it yourself. You always have to ensure that the liquid is between the “minimum” and “maximum” indications of the reservoir so that it keeps your car engine cool.

As the main function of the radiator is to keep the engine cooling, if there is a lack of water, the car will boil and your car may suffer severe damage.

Watch Your Tires Frequently

Have you ever stopped to think that tires are the only parts of the car that are in contact with the ground? This means that if they are bad, it is useless that the whole car is impeccable. The risks of accidents will be enormous!

Always try to buy tire models with the dimensions indicated by the manufacturer and calibrate them every 15 days, at least. The most modern models already have a detail that indicates the level of wear. They must be changed when the marking reaches the triangle or the letters TWI, printed on the side of the product.

Rotate correctly and do not forget the alignment and balance every 10,000 km traveled, in addition to increasing the service life, it improves the safety and handling of vehicles.

Check the Filters

Filters are essential in many car systems and are the first items to check when buying a used car, for example. If they are dirty, they can affect performance, cause damage, and increase fuel consumption.

The air filter does not have a set time for replacement, but experts recommend that it be done every 7,000 km. It actually depends widely on the environment of your place. Fuel, on the other hand, varies according to the vehicle. In the case of petrol, it is around 10,000 km, while in gasoline cars, it is recommended to replace it every 7,000 km. The important thing is that they are examined periodically and, if damaged, be replaced immediately.

Keep the Brakes On

To keep the brakes on, you must periodically maintain some items. Among them is the fluid, which must be changed every two years or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The pads, which must be checked by a professional every 10,000 km. And last but not least Tarps, which need to be checked every 30,000 km traveled.

Damage to any of these components decreases the efficiency of the system, causing inefficient braking and increasing the risk of accidents.

These are the top car maintenance tips you need to know! Don’t play with your safety. Remember that prevention is always the best way!

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