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We believe in the wellbeing of our customers and trying to provide with best service possible to our community. Healthy trading in the classified ads platform is a very vital responsibility for all of us. And for the betterment of buyers and sellers, we all need to follow certain ethics to make the whole experience smoother.

Providing additional photos is one of the good trading practices on classified ads platforms which brings trust and establishes a good impression for the sellers which facilitates your products to be sold quickly and easily. Sharing authentic information with the buyer is another important ethical trait that goes on building better trading health.

Prepare Your Product to Exchange

It is important to keep your product prepared for exchange in the time of posting your ads. Sometimes, sellers keep using the products and use it more roughly while the ads are already running but this is lacking serious ethical conduct from the part of sellers. Once you have posted the ads and receiving calls or emails, you should keep your products ready for sending or for exchange. There is another issue regarding this matter. For example, if you are going to sell your house on a classified ads platform, you should keep your house organized and clean so that the person buying or coming to see your property, do not get disappointed, and feel really fresh and confident about the property you have. This will definitely build a positive impression on your product. Maybe you are going to sell your car, prepare the car before meeting and keep it clean.

Provide Extra Authentic Photos  

We at QuikAds believe in a clear perspective and a good photo does better work in classified ads but if you can put some extra photos for a better and more clear perspective about your products, this is going to be easy for both the buyers and sellers. No matter what products you have, or what condition the product has, it should be known by the buyer. Though buyers will be purchasing the product after meeting the seller and seeing the product itself, still proper photos of the product will reduce your effort to sell the product. For example, if you are posting ads to sell your laptop, you need to take photos from various angle and the photo must be in good resolution so that any kind of dent or damage be seen in the photo. You should never provide any false photos and misguide any buyer.

Do Not Ask for Unrealistic Price

Price is a matter of concern for all range of ads. Suppose you are posting ads and maintaining all the required details and maintaining all the ethical issues yet if your price is unrealistic, that is going to affect your engagement. When they see the product in photos but they see the price high, they are going to go away from your ads. If it is a new product then its ok to keep the price according to the market price but if this is a used product, you should also follow the market price that looks realistic.

Maintain a Good Relation with Your Client

During the ads, you might be thinking about selling the product on the basis of product only but for healthy trading, you must maintain a healthy relationship with your client. When you are talking to your client or a buyer, you must be very polite and honest which will definitely build trust for you and your product. This is not only a manner of communication of sales rather this is our responsibility. So, you have to make sure that you are maintaining this issue seriously.

There are some other healthy trading practices which you should practice because of your responsibility. Classified ads platforms like QuikAds are responsible for providing services to sellers and buyers of all range and we always aspire to make every exchanging option safe. Always practice ethical trading by uploading extra images and make sure to put enough details so that buyers can make a decision even before meeting you.

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