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Leather jacket buying guide

A stylish and quality leather jacket is everyone’s dream and when you plan to purchase one, you need to research a bit so that you don’t end up buying something worthless. It is important to research because the leather jacket is timeless and can be a long-term investment. A good leather jacket is also a lucrative wearable in both men and female wardrobe. There are so many options in the market which makes it tough to choose a quality leather jacket. We are going to discuss some of the most important points to choosing a genuine leather jacket.

Evaluate Leather Jacket

Evaluating a leather jacket is more important because of its price range. This blog is going to discuss only genuine leathers that do not include any faux or vegan leather. So, there are 6 primary factors to look out for when you are buying a genuine leather jacket.

Type of Leather and Quality

Quality is the ultimate option everyone looks for and you can understand the quality of leather depending on the type of leather used in the jacket. Though it is very tough for a normal person to understand the type and quality you can check with the label attached to it mostly.

Skin is a very important factor and there are several animal skins that can be used for a leather jacket. Cow, lamb, and calf skins are the most versatile skins you can get in the market. But there are many other unusual skin types that can be used for jackets. Some of them cost more than someone expected.

Full-grain leather, top-grain leather, genuine or corrected leather are some of the leather grades you can choose for your leather. But among these top-grain leathers are mostly used in fashionable jackets. The full-grain leathers are the best and expensive because it becomes better in the time of its ages.

Number of Panels

Look for a jacket that was made with fewer panels. It is seen that most jackets come with a lot of joints, but when it comes to leather jackets less the number of joints, the more expensive it becomes. It is not necessary that you have to buy the less panel jacket if it looks good and fits well then, it’s okay. We are giving an example, but it doesn’t mean that all the jackets that come with more panels to be less expensive.

A jacket with more panels can become very expensive depending on the detailing and embroidery. So, when you are buying one try to get one with fewer joints which make sure one-piece or less different pieces of leather maintains better quality.

Inner Lining Matters

As we are talking about leather types and quality, the inner lining also keeps a leather jacket fashionable and comfortable. Without inner lining, leather jackets won’t absorb sweat in some cases and sweating can cause damage to the leather. The quality of the fabric used in the inner lining has a massive impact on its price. Therefore, when buying one check the inner lining if they are compatible with your comfort.

Stitching and Craftsmanship  

Mostly leather jackets for men come with plain leather but sometimes they come with different designs and full of stitching. Stitching is mostly done because of making a distinct design. So, make sure to check if the stitching is proper and looks smooth.

Style of Leather Jacket

Bomber, Flight or Biker Leather jacket you would like to choose? There are several styles to choose from. Some contemporary leather jackets include blazer, trench coats, or windshields. Among seasonal leather jackets, windbreaker and shearling leather jackets are the most popular. But except for these models, there are many other models developed depending on local manufacturers. So, you can also check those if it fits your budget and your expected style and looks.

If the Jacket Fits  

It’s a very important question that you should remember. For the leather jacket, the cut and fit aspects are more than important. These two aspects can actually ruin your style or make you look good. Therefore, when you checking for a new leather jacket, make sure to have a trial and understand if that fits well on your body.

To conclude, a leather jacket is a very sensitive thing to buy because this is your long-term investment. So, when buying a jacket, you must check all the above-mentioned factors to get something best and stand beside you for a long time.

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