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When we move to another property, we want our corner to be comfortable, beautiful and that elegantly fits in the space? If you also want it and still feel the need to save, know that using furniture used in decoration is an excellent way to assemble or renovate the home.

After all, they have much more affordable prices, give a special touch to the composition of your new home and there is still the possibility to personalize them so that they add even more value to your decoration.

1. Understand Your Space and House Decorating Style

The variety of used furniture available for sale is incredible in Sri Lanka. Amid so many options, it is quite easy to find real relics and beautiful pieces. However, the first step to not making a mistake in choosing is to define what style of decoration you intend for your new home.

There are several lines to follow, such as vintage, classic, minimalist, clean, rustic decoration, or even the traditional Lankan furniture types among others. Each of them has particular characteristics and the furniture are fundamental elements for the decoration of your house.

2. Choose the Right Size of the Furniture

After choosing the style of the furniture, it is important to analyze the size of the pieces. So, measure the dimensions of each room well and take notes when choosing furniture. Or, take the measurements of the pieces you like and check if they will fit in the house environment. Very large furniture compromises the decoration and circulation through the rooms.

In fact, remember that it is necessary to leave enough spaces for people to pass and open doors and drawers. It is recommended to leave at least 60 cm around the furniture to ensure a good circulation of your movement.

3. Observe How Was It Used and What Is the Current Status

Contrary to what many people think, used furniture is not all badly maintained. There are several reasons why they are sold. In some cases, the old owners moved to a place much further and freight of change would more expensive to acquire new or new property is less.

Or, yet, they decided to give a fresh look to the décor and opted for a style in which the old furniture no longer fit. Therefore, it is perfectly possible to find used furniture in very good condition, but you must always check.

4. Comfort is the Top Priority

Items such as beds, sofas, armchairs, stools, and chairs must offer comfort, right? So, be sure to try them always. It is not enough to analyze only its state of conservation. They are often in excellent condition, but they are not comfortable and that is precisely why the former owners decided to put them up for sale on places like QuikAds.

5. Look for Alternatives

Another important point to be analyzed is to check if it is possible to choose certain items. Generally, the store has more than one unit of furniture, such as benches, chairs, and armchairs. In this case, if you do not need the whole game, note which ones are more conserved and negotiate if it is possible to purchase only a few pieces. On the other hand, you should also keep your options available so that you are not bound to buy that one. It will definitely help you get better furniture.

6. Analyze the Cost-Effectiveness and Prioritize

Even if there are some defects, there are many cases where the purchase is worthwhile, as the price pays off. Some imperfections require only a few repairs, such as new paint, newer coating, gluing, or changing parts.

There is still the possibility of finding high-quality furniture but, because they are used, present a much lower price than a new one of the same models. Much of the old furniture was made of solid wood, which ensures good durability, strength, and quality. So, buying old furniture is really worth the money.

7. Observe if Customization is Possible

Customizing is an excellent solution to transform used furniture into an exclusive item, which fits perfectly into your home décor and looks brand new. Unleash your creativity and personalize your furniture.

Paint with other colors, cover with vinyl paper, change the upholstery fabric, replace handles, in short, make changes that will make the object look stylish. Some furniture can be completely transformed, like a new glass top on a periodic table, pieces of pallet that can become a counter, a rack, a headboard, or even a sofa.

As you saw, it is possible to save on decoration and still make a composition totally exclusive to your home. Carefully follow the tips we present throughout this post so as not to make mistakes in choosing used furniture, put your creativity into practice and enjoy the comfort and beauty of your new corner decorated with the old furniture.


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