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  • February 15, 2021 10:17 am
  • Colombo
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Win enterprises Group, is a leading group of registered companies providing industrial sewing   machines & machine accessories importer and distributer in Sri Lanka is located No. 358A,   Horana Road, Alubomulla. Company was established in 01st of October 2004.The main objective of our business is to satisfy the customers by providing an    admirable product with the superior quality. Win Group has always been proud    of the   level of service for more than l5 years. Win Enterprises Group has offered the highest leve1 of technical  support and specialist knowledge on sewing machines and parts & accessories of  machinery. We are importing all of Branded original sewing machines and Branded Original  machine parts. So now we are supplying our products to leading garment factories in all    over Sri Lanka.


  • Category : Industry Machinery & Tools


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358/A, Horana Rd, Alubomulla, Sri Lanka,11670,Colombo

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