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We are shweth Lanka Consumer Products a registered business firm under the Business registration
No:W/H12875, proudly introduce our Unique and Novel Hand Sanitizer Product “SHWETH HAND
SANITIZER” which produced based on a formula recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO)
and this unique product which is containing WHO formula is further developed in collaboration with Colombo
Science and Technology Cell, Faculty of Science, University of Colombo.
Having obtaining third party tested assurance certificate from BUREAUE VERITAS consumer products
institute which indicate and certified the appropriate requirement of SLS Standard especially for the pH value
and the alcohol content of the product.
Produced in highly Hygienic and safe environment Shweth Hand Sanitizer production continuously monitored
by the Cell, the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo.
Shweth Hand Sanitizer comes in 50ml,100ml , 500ml, 1Litre , 2 Litres and 4Litres for your easy and
economical usage and further utilities such as holders can be provided for the product.


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