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Polycarbonate Sheets O77O5OO352/ O764675OOO. The Best Quality UV Resist Transparent Roofing Profiles. Polycarbonate Sheets from World-Leading Manufacturer in South Korea.
Contact O77O5OO352 for Highest Quality Polycarbonate Sheets. NatureCare 0770500352 Polycarbonate Sheets are manufactured with the use of Premium Quality virgin raw materials. These Polycarbonate raw Materials are incorporated with UV stabilizers which protect The Polycarbonate molecules from deforming due to UV Rays which is abundance in This South Asian Region. Other than this, NatureCare Polycarbonate sheets are protected with UV Resist Co-extruded layers which Reflect UV Rays and avoid penetration through the Polycarbonate Sheet. This results in the protection from UV Cause discoloration of the materials which under these Polycarbonate roof Canopies
NatureCare O77O5OO352 Polycarbonate Sheets are environment-friendly and economical to use. In addition, these are strong, light, impact resistant and practically unbreakable. Polycarbonate Sheets are U.V. protected and exhibit exemplary insulation properties. P.C. Sheets have a temperature resistance of up to 120 Degree Celsius and are fire resistant and self-extinguishing. Light transmission levels can vary from 30% to as high as 80%.


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