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A leading company in the sale of environmentally friendly electric motorbikes, Green Bike Centre, has introduced a hybrid scooter for the first time in Sri Lanka. The scooter manufactured by the Chinese company named Jandsu Honsin Motorcycle, is sold under the brand name of Gallant Eco Hybrids.

The scooter is run on both electric power as well as petrol and can be charged at home. An inverter generator within the vehicle produces the energy required to run the scooter. The first 40km can be run using the energy from the battery charged by your electricity supply at home. When the battery drops to 20% of charge, the generator kicks in to charge the battery and produces energy needed for the scooter. Once the battery is charged, the generator stops working and the scooter operates on the power of the battery. The fuel efficiency of this vehicle comes to 80 km per litre.

The scooter can be purchased at the Green Bike Centre showroom located on 101, Veyangoda road, Minuwangoda. The company also has all spare parts and they provide all their customers with excellent after sales service, said the company’s Operations Director A.A.N.T. Adhikari.

The scooter’s generator which can bear up to 200 kg also generates up to 1500W which can be used to power your home. The bike also has a 2000W motor consisting of six 72V-20A batteries. Other specialties of the scooter include; LED headlights, a reverse gear, disc brake, a 49CC four stroke air-cooled engine, self-cool inverter generator and a 4 litre fuel tank. Scooters are available in the colours of; red, white, silver mixed with red and black, silver mixed with red and blue and carries a warranty for two years or a mileage of 24,000 km. The scooter which comes with eight patents is priced at Rs. 245,500 and all customers will be given a charger, helmet, jacket, coat, tool kit and four rounds of service for the vehicle free of charge.


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