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JNUePack Solutions

One system – many advantages 

  • Reduced Duplicate works
  • More Efficiency
  • More Accuracy
  • Uniform data pool
  • Centralized and real time date
  • Easier analysis
  • Cost savings

A software system including accounting and finance. Following system modules are available. Can be customize according to your business. 

  • Accounting and Finance System
  • EMR System for Medical Centre
  • Inventory Control System
  • Billing System/POS System
  • Transport Service System
  • Job Service System
  • Institute Management Systems
  • Restaurant Management System
  • School Bell and Alarm System
  • Item Rent System (Furniture hiring items / Machine and equipment hiring)

Module Features: 

  1. Accounting and Finance System
    • Petty Cash and other expenses
    • Voucher /Receipt (Cash/Cheque/Card/Online Transfer /Account Transfer)
    • Journal Entry
    • Maintenance Creditor and Debtor Outstanding
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Bank Reconciliations
    • Trail Balance/P&L for any selected date range (weeks, months, years) /Balance Sheet
    • Any other work related to the Accounting & Finance as you need
  2. Electronic Medical Recording(EMR) System for Medical Centre
    • Patient Detail/Patient History/Treatment History/Upload Document, Test Report, Pictures
    • Drug Stock / Sub Stores Stock /Minimum Stock level/Daily refill Sub Stores
    • Supplier Detail / Supplier Payment
    • Make Appointment
    • Patient Bill (Treatment Charges/Drug Charges/Test Charges)
    • Integrated to the Finance Module
    • Patient credit Facility
  3. Inventory control System
    • Maintaining – Stock/ Purchase Unit of Masher/Sales Unit of Masher/ Average Cost/ Retail Price/ Last Purchase Price /Last Supplier/Bin Card etc.
    • Reorder Level /Reorder Quantity / Supplier
    • Supplier Details /Supplier Payment and Outstanding
    • Integrated to the Finance Module
  4. Billing System/POS System
    • Customer Details/Customer Receipts and Outstanding
    • Include to the Bill Warranty, Serial Number, Remarks etc.
    • Assembly Items sales
    • Sales Return
    • Warranty Return and Reissue
    • Integrated to the Finance Module
  5. Item Rent System (Furniture Hiring / Machine and Equipment Hiring)
    • Sales Order
    • Delivery Note/Dispatch
    • Good Return
    • Hiring Invoice
    • Pending Orders /Pending Delivery /Pending Return /Pending Invoice  Damages / Losses
  6. School Bell and Alarm System
    • Programmable bell alarm system. No need manual interfere. The Daily schedule can be program on to the second.
    • School / Academy /Institute / Nursery / Sunday School– Can set time table in to the Bell Alarm system (Start/Interval/End/Song/Gatha etc)
    • Personal – Personal computer alarm system (Alarm for week routing /day routing / Drug reminder etc) You can have customized your own sound, song on your favorite.
  7. Transport Service System
  8. Job Services System (Service Station/ Garage / Repair Centers)
  9. Institute Management Systems (School /Class /Institute)
  10. Restaurant Management System

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