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Electric Bike

Need to buy a circuit or repair. All the parts are good.
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CBR Electic Bike

key start auto gear system rewas gear systems tubeless tires 2 year warranty Remote locking and alarm quick sale 11.25 සිට වසර 2 වගකීම ‍ෙහාදම තත්ව‍ෙය් ඇත 100km – 120km දුර යා හැක (1 – 1.5unit = 22Rs) රිවස් ජියර් ඔ‍ෙටා් ජියර් ‍ෙනාමි‍ෙල් ‍ෙහල්මට 2 ෙනාමි‍ෙල් ජැකටුව මුදල් හදිසියකට විකි‍ෙන් අතට 160000 මුලු ගණන 230000/=

Electric Bikes for sale

A leading company in the sale of environmentally friendly electric motorbikes, Green Bike Centre, has introduced a hybrid scooter for the first time in Sri Lanka. The scooter manufactured by the Chinese company named Jandsu Honsin Motorcycle, is sold under the brand name of Gallant Eco Hybrids. The scooter is run on both electric power ...