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Online English Classes

Professional English Courses for after G C E A/L Contact Numbers : 0710  699575 or  0719 048942 Certificate Course Basic English Language from the beginning Diploma in English Spoken English, Grammar, Vocabulary Training Higher Diploma in English Professional Communication skills & enhance career advancement Samathvee English Academy supports to gain high quality English knowledge. To ...

IELTS Classes

Best IELTS Coaching in Kalutara. Academic & General training individual classes. Well, experience IELTS lecturer. Limited slots are available. call us to book your slot. Call us today 0768 678 209.


Quantity Surveying – November Intake வெளிநாட்டில் வேலை செய்பவர்களும் தொலைத்தூரக் கல்வி (Distance Learning) மூலமும் நேரடியாகவும் (On Campus) பயில முடியும். ? Diploma Quantity Surveying ? ? Higher Diploma Quantity Surveying ? வெளிநாட்டிலும் உள்நாட்டிலும் வேலை செய்து கொண்டிருப்பவர்களும் மற்றும் NCT Quantity Surveying | Diploma Quantity Surveying செய்து முடித்தவர்கள் அவர்களின் Diploma Quantity Surveying | Higher Diploma in Quantity Surveying பாடநெறிகளை ...


DISTANCE LEARNING COURSES….!!! Below courses are available on Distance Learning (DIPLOMA / HIGHER DIPLOMA/DEGREE/MASTERS/PhD) and you can study even when you at work or anywhere in the country. இலகுவழி கட்டண சலுகைகளுடனான DISTANCE LEARNING பாநெறிகள் (Courses) ஆரம்பம். வெளிநாட்டில் மற்றும் உள்நாட்டில் வேலை செய்து கொண்டும் தனது பாடநெறியினை தொடர முடியும். QATAR | DUBAI |  OMAN | MALDIVES | SAUDI ...
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Advance Diploma in Psychology

Dear Student, Greetings from Global Technological Campus! Class Delivering method – Online and Physical Classes Thank you for your inquiry on our Psychology Program. Are you interested and fascinated by human behaviour and thinking? Would like to gain ground knowledge in this field to with people at home, work, and school or in society? This ...

Foundation in Psychology


Spoken English class for adults

Spoken English for Adults! Grab our 50% discount now! (only for the first 10 registrations). All our teachers are Cambridge CELTA certified with global teaching experience, including the British Council! – 3 month duration – Only 15 people per class – Air conditioned classrooms – Highly qualified and experienced teachers – Location – Colombo 04 ...

Phone Courses

@ Swot Institute +94 71 1226562, +94 77 2011040 Start your own business repairing cell phones, this course teaches you step-by-step how to repair cell phones as well as how to make money repairing cell phones. Description Learn the skills that you will need to diagnose and repair broken cell phones and ultimately learn how to ...

AutoCAD-Training Course

Auto Cad-Training Course Auto Cad is considered as leading software in CAD technology and has a wide use across fields such as building, construction, engineering, and industrial design. AutoCAD 2D +3D certification will provide thorough training in the CAD drawing, designing, and drafting using 2D and 3D tools by bringing progressive examples, detailed illustrations and ...

Italian Language Course (ඉතාලි භාෂා) පන්ති)

Italian Language Course (ඉතාලි භාෂා පන්ති) Our Italian language course offers an interesting variety of language at reasonable price.Classes are conduct by #experienced, #professional, and #friendly teacher.In this Languge course we covers the following topics: Italian Alphabet, Italian vocabulary for beginners, Italian speaking, Italian pronunciation, Italian writing, Italian grammar rules and patterns including Italian ...


                  Spoken English classes      For school levers & Job seekers to enhance their knowledge
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