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There are few things that make you as happy as coming home on a hot day, getting comfortable, and turning on the air conditioner. This device becomes your best friend when the sun heats the ground hard, and so you should not neglect the annual review of the air conditioning before starting it every season.

But what if your air conditioning gives problems in the heatwave? Anticipate with good maintenance! We are going to discuss five tips so that you have your air conditioning equipment ready to operate at full capacity when you need it most.

Clean the Filters of The Indoor Unit

Remove the front cover of the split (that’s what the air conditioner you have inside the house is called). Once the cover is removed you will find the filters, which are easily removable. Wash them under the tap with a mild detergent or vacuum them directly. Under no circumstances use strong detergents or chemical substances, they could cause respiratory problems. Cleaning air conditioning filters frequently has many advantages including, the prevention of bad smells and It improves the efficiency of the appliance and, therefore, results in savings.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

The easiest and most effective, and which would save us a lot of work, would be to clean it with an air compressor, giving it all over the parts of the exchanger. If you do not have this tool, you can choose to take a brush and calmly clean all the slits.

Something important to keep in mind is that nothing sharp can be used since if we click the exchanger, and this can be expensive. So, do it carefully because, if you click it, the refrigerant or compressor will leak and you will have no choice but to call a technician, pay for the visit, the repair, and the subsequent charge of “gas”.


To disinfect the interior heat exchanger, find yourself a water sprayer and squirt bleach inside. With 10% of the size of the sprayer, it is more than enough, and the rest is filled with water. Spray the entire exchanger with the secret concoction we have prepared and you will have your air conditioning disinfected.

Do not worry about pouring extra water, since just under the exchanger is the drain pan. This means that the water that is expelled from the air conditioner will contain bleach, so be careful how you use it!

Keep the Drain Clean

A clean drain pan will make your air conditioner work much better. Not to mention bad odors. Water vapor accumulates inside the appliance, which condenses and ends up being expelled through the drain pipe. There are two options to expel the water. The drain pipe is attached to a pipe and a container collects the water that is expelled through the tube.

Whether your drain ends in a pipe or you have a plastic bottle that collects the water, it’s important to keep the facility clean.

Check the Cooling Circuit

Have you ever wondered how your air conditioning works and where does that cool air come from?

The cold is generated in the outdoor unit and through a refrigerant, the tube circuit is transmitted to the indoor split. Easy, right? But what if there are leaks in the circuit? Your air conditioning will not function properly. Some symptoms of leaks in the system are: Your air conditioner does not cool as much as it should. Ice appears on the outdoor unit or split.

You can check the tube circuit that makes the cold go from the outdoor unit to the indoor one, but don’t go there! If you find a leak or deterioration, contact a technician for professional maintenance. You will find everything on QuikAds Sri Lanka including a specialized air conditioning professional to solve any problem of your air conditioning.

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