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The washing machine is an extremely important home appliance that keeps our clothes clean and it makes cloth washing easier. Imagine a day without your washing machine and we never want it to be damaged in a short time. If you want to keep things well, you need to maintain some maintenance work so that your washing machine remains functioning for a long time. We are going to suggest some maintenance tips so that you can keep your washing machine well and functioning.

Clean Washing Machine Regularly

To clean your washing machine, wash at high temperature, 60 ° C minimum, empty or with a load of laundry, at least once a month. This will facilitate the elimination of bacteria and detergent residues, the washing machine will clog less, regardless of the detergent used: liquid, powder, or capsules.

Keep the Detergent Drawer Cleen 

To clean the detergent drawer, remove it from its location if possible. Most of the bins are removable. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water. If necessary, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and rub.

In the softener compartment, a siphon, generally removable, is present. If softener remains at the end of the cycle, remember to remove and clean this siphon under hot water.

Wipe the Tray Before Putting it Back in its Place

If you notice that the detergent compartments are no longer emptying – or badly – this may mean that your water supply is blocked by limestone or that the water pressure is insufficient. In the latter case, check that your supply tap is sufficiently open. Maintain Body and Control Panel. To clean the external panels of your washing machine, use a microfiber cloth. Do not use an abrasive sponge: it may damage the plastic or the paint.

Check the Inside of The Drum

It is recommended to check before each washing that no foreign body is in the drum. Metal objects can cause rust stains. If this is the case, clean the drum with a specific stainless-steel cleaning agent. Be careful never to use steel wool, abrasive sponge, or steel wool!

Maintain Water Inlet Filters

Filters must be cleaned regularly to maintain their effectiveness. They prevent foreign substances – as well as dirt – from entering the machine. Start by closing the water taps. Then unscrew the water inlet hose at both ends. Use a soft brush to clean the filters. If they are very dirty, remove them to thoroughly clean them. Take care to replace the seals and filters. Screw the hose back on by hand.

Drain the Water from Your Washing Machine

Whether to move or to check the drain filter, it is sometimes necessary to drain your washing machine. You may also be faced with the need to drain water from your machine in the event of transportation or the risk of freezing. Depending on your washing machine, you have two options. Your washing machine can be fitted with a specific hose generally located near the drain filter. With a stopper, this pipe can be directed to a container and then opened. The residual water present at the bottom of the tank then flows into your container.

Clean the Drain Filter

Cleaning the drain filter of your washing machine is an operation which must be carried out periodically as a preventive measure. It is in this filter that foreign bodies falling at the bottom of the tank will be collected. If your washing machine does not seem to drain water, checking the condition of the drain filter is the first thing to do. If blocked, it can block the rotation of the pump, leaving the tank completely or partially filled with water.

Clean the Door Seal

The door seals can quickly get dirty. It is important to check their condition regularly. To do this, carefully pass your hand through the drum seal. If there is dirt on it, clean with a clean, dry cloth.

If the joint is moldy, use a soft toothbrush. In a container, put a little hot water and add a few drops of dish soap. Brush the joint until the mold disappears. Then rinse with a damp sponge and dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Clean it After Dyeing A Garment

Dyeing laundry in your washing machine is not recommended. However, if you still choose this solution, it is important to clean your washing machine well after dyeing to prevent the laundry of your next detergent from becoming dyed as well. And it is also useful for the proper functioning of your washing machine.

Sell Before it Becomes Unusable

If you have maintained all the above-mentioned issues, it will become easy for you to keep your washing machine better function but if you see any kind of issue you should take them to technicians for servicing. On the other hand, it is easy to sell your used products and if you have used your washing machine for a certain time frame, you sell it one classified ads platform so that it does not get unusable.

In short, keeping your washing machine function for a long time, you should keep it clean all the time so that it remains functional. Those who do not clean their washing machine regularly, they are making a big mistake and pushing this to a shortage. The washing machine gets dirty due to cloth washing and you need to clean the washing machine regularly which will help your machine to be well for a long time. But get ready to sell your washing machine after a certain period of time.

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