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Camera lenses

This blog is going to be an essential guide for beginner photographers who are looking to buy lenses for their cameras. There are countless camera lenses in the market and it is easy to get lost in the wide variety of lenses. So, let’s talk about the lenses that you will be required for photography. You will understand what to analyze when choosing, everything to observe in terms of cost and benefit. Certainly not forgetting to choose the one that best fits your search profile.

You will find several models of lenses and you will certainly pay more for a great lens, than for the camera itself. You shouldn’t be scared of this information. When choosing a lens of great quality, you are making an investment for life.

Types of Lenses You Should Know

Fisheye Lenses

They are very large lenses with an excellent angulation option. They achieve a distortion effect in the photos, leaving them with a circular appearance.

Macro Lenses

These are lenses for you to take close-up photos. They are used most of the time to photograph insects and very small objects. In some cases, photos of bigger things are made in order to highlight all the details. A great tip we can give you when choosing such a lens is that you should look for the word Macro in your description. Also note, if minimum focusing distance and magnification options exist.

Clear Lenses

For the most part, they have maximum aperture ranging between f / 1.4 and f / 2.8 They are considered the best for photographing places in low light and also for portrait-style photos. When using Telephoto lenses, the use of an aperture of f / 4 is already achieving a very clear result.

Dark Lenses

Its aperture is usually above f / 5.6 and it is great for wide depths of field. Ideal for when you don’t need to shoot with very little light.

You can achieve the effect of this lens just by closing the diaphragm. If you didn’t want to spend, you just need to research more about the diaphragm and its functions.

What to Consider Before Choosing Camera Lens?

Focal Distance

This is the first item to be decided before choosing your lens. You must be wondering what is focal length, isn’t it?

You will find lenses that have only one focal length or that allow the use of multiple focal lengths. This option is known to everyone as Zoom. You will know the focal length capability of your lens marked by mm in the lens description. Focal distances are divided into 3 groups:

Wide Angle Lenses

They are those with a focal length of up to 50mm. You will be able to record more than the human eye can see.

They are great for landscapes, architecture, and especially tight environments like those galley photos. It makes the objects or people being photographed appear to be more distant. It has options to slightly distort the edges.

Telephoto Lenses

These are those with a focal length of 50mm to 200mm. You will be able to photograph a subject that is further away.

They are ideal for portraits and close-ups on distant people, objects, or scenery. It makes the objects in the photo look much closer to each other.

Super Telephoto Lenses

They are those with a focal length of 200mm or greater. You will be able to photograph a subject that is very distant, but it is very much. They are lenses used, for example, to photograph lions in Africa.

Excellent for shooting at shows, astronomy, or hostile animals that hardly allow you to get close. These lenses are able to make objects appear much closer than reality.

We have reached the end of the guide about camera lenses and now you have all the important information to know which one to choose. Be sure to purchase the proper lens so that you don’t waste your money because the lenses are very expensive. You should also know your preferences and also think about the camera body because cameras come with different lens requirements.

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