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Bread toaster

For breakfast, many prefer to toast Crispy bread slice – a toast. A toaster, with which you can deliciously grill the bread, the device at first glance is simple and common, but with its purchase, there are many issues.

Functional characteristics of each different toast, but the base of each device is a spiral consisting of a nichrome wire. When healing occurs, the spiral begins to produce infrared radiation, browning the bread on each side.

Types of Bread Toasters

In general, we can distinguish 3 types of toasters:

  1. Mechanical. The simplest and cheapest models. They are not equipped with a timer, so you will have to control the pan yourself.
  2. Semi-automatic. The bread’s readiness is determined by its temperature using a thermostatic switch.
  3. Automatic. In toasters of this type, there is a thermostatic switch and a time selector. The bread is set and the time when the toaster is turned off is set.

What to Consider Before Buying a Toaster?

The Power Supply

Before everything, you need to determine the power, which determines the speed of the device. If the bread is baked very frequently, then the power must be greater than 1000 W, if it is only 1 or 2 times a day, then just stop the choice in a model with power from 800 to 100 W.

Bread Compartments

The next parameter is the number of bread compartments. The classic model allows to receive 2 toasts at once, but some are able to toast 4 slices of bread at the same time – the best option for a large semi.

Consider the Bread Types You Want to Toast

If you plan on baking “non-standard” pieces of bread, so you need to pay attention to the presence of the “extra lift” function. In the event that the bread or loaves need to heat without browning, you need a special grid for heating. It is not available on all models, so this point must also be taken into account when choosing a toaster. More advanced models can not only toast and heat bread, but they can cook sandwiches or even bake bread. so, this point must also be taken into account when choosing a toaster.

Choose the Type of Toaster

All toasters can be divided into two types: mechanical or electronic control. Mechanical devices are more popular because they are easy to use and allow you to control the bread baking process manually. But with mechanically controlled toasters, there are disadvantages: first, these devices have no additional functions, and second, you need to monitor the baking process, otherwise, the bread can burn. Electronic types control frying on their own, follow a uniform heat distribution, and automatically adjust the time depending on the selected temperature. The work of such models cannot be followed, if the toaster is of high quality, it will never make burnt toast.

Consider the Toaster Box

Most toasters are plastic, as it is a lightweight material that conducts heat poorly, so it protects users’ hands from burns. Although there are metal toasters, such models must be equipped with good thermal insulation. When choosing a toaster, pay attention to the lining of the box – there will be ugly fingerprints on the shiny material.

If you are looking to buy a good bread toaster, there are several things to consider, and one of the most important things to be the power supply and bread compartments. According to your preferences, you can also choose from the number of bread chambers and type of the toaster from manual to automatic. If you have read this blog properly, you would know how to choose the ideal bread toaster for your home or office.

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