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Who has never forgotten the headset at home and was bored in public transport or at work without being able to listen to some music, right? Headphones are part of our daily lives and investing in a cool headset, for many people, is more important than it looks.

It is worth remembering that our indications are for those looking for a nice phone for everyday activities such as working out, using at work, or music playing. In the market, we have a multitude of brands and models and it is super easy to feel lost when choosing.

The first thing you should know is: forget about technical specifications like impedance, frequency, or sensitivity. This will not help you if your goal is a headset with more common use. And there’s a lot of confusing information out there, see? Then the risk of buying a headset that will not please you many increases. After knowing all this, let’s go to what you should pay attention to when choosing your headphone.

Most Common Earphone Types


Think about the black Sony earbud headset on white background Earbuds headphones are the most common and easy to find types the earbuds that are the most common types. These are the headsets that come with cell phones.

They are usually very cheap, easy to find, and have a format that is not so invasive because there are many people who are afflicted by those headphones that enter the ear canal. The downside of earbuds is that they have low sound insulation, precisely because they are not so ergonomic. So, the probability of hearing external noise while enjoying your music is great.


They are also called in-ear headphones, they are the headphones that enter the ear canal, and it is precisely this isolation that makes the sound more noise-free, which makes it seem that the sound quality is better.

Because it is ergonomically better than the previous one, it is a type of headset that is used a lot in specific models for physical exercises and also in this trend of wireless Airdots style headphones.


Headphones are those models that have the largest speakers and therefore they are able to isolate the sound well.

This model has some disadvantages with the ergonomics of the bow, which depending on the brand, can be a problem especially if you wear glasses. But there are very comfortable options on the market. Give preference to those with the adjustable bow.

From small problems, we also have the point that they are not so portable and because they attract a lot of attention. If that’s not a problem for you, go ahead with the purchase!


Finally, we have headsets. The big difference between them and headphones is that a headset has a microphone.

It is common to find out headsets with a more robust structure, such as gamer headsets. They have bigger shells that make the user have a better immersion, either in the game or listening to some music. Some headphones also have programmable buttons and even a more aggressive look.

Important Details to Choose the Best Headset

Since the technical specifications have been left out a little, what should I consider besides the type of headphone? Keep in mind that you need to understand your level of use and the type of music you listen to.

A good tip that we give you to discover this is to select songs that have low, medium, and high notes oscillation. In the music apps, there are several playlists with this theme.

Earphone Test or Bass and Treble Test

To understand the difference quickly, the high-pitched sounds are fine and have faster vibrations, which means that the sound is more superficial. The bass, which is thicker sounds and has a slower vibration, they are usually the nuances of the music, where you can hear the sound of a beat in more detail.

More or less, to understand a headphone properly you need to go to stores and try the product. Maybe you can borrow it from a friend, but be sure to do your own test before choosing your new phone because music quality depends on the quality of your phone too. Sometimes, you have a better phone that can provide a better sound but you end up buying a headphone that doesn’t match the sound simulation power of your phone. So, make sure to check all the specifications.

If you are careful about all these features, we can hope that you are going to find your desired headphone. But the budget is always a matter that you should always look into.

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