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It is not always easy to estimate the price of a used car, especially when online rating tools are so numerous and easily accessible. It is therefore essential to make comparisons and thus obtain a rough estimate of the price of your used car. Certain factors can largely influence this value. In most cases, we estimate the price of our car when we need to sell. Sometimes if our car is insured, they also set estimated valuation which is more realistic and trustworthy. But you are the person who is running the car for long and depending on the reliability, and your modification, you can calculate the value yourself. Still, you need some more things to consider in order to put a price tag of your used car. We are going to discuss price estimation for both seller and a buyer so that it helps them both to make a fruitful trade.

Age of the Car 

We all know that the older a vehicle, the less you will be able to sell it for. It represents the most important criterion. Namely, a new vehicle loses 40% of its value in the first two years after its entry into service. So, don’t wait until your vehicle is too old if you want to get the most out of it. What’s more, when it’s time to change some expensive parts due to lack of wear.

The number of kilometers

It is no longer a myth: a high mileage vehicle will have a value well below its official price, while it is possible to negotiate its price if it has a mileage much lower than the average. If you are used to driving a lot, it is important not to wait too long to sell it.

General Condition

Scratches on the body, stains on the seats are not seen very favorably. And the addition of all these little mishaps only lowers the rating of your vehicle. Especially if it is appraised by a professional who will be much less forgiving than an individual. Hence the importance of taking care of your vehicle if you want to resell it at a better price.

The Model

We don’t teach you anything here either. A popular vehicle will sell more easily and at a better price. It is a question of supply and demand. It is sometimes more judicious to choose a vehicle whose tendency is in rising even when its esthetics do not please you particularly: the question of priority, to you to see!

Engine type

With all the ecological reforms put in place and certain metropolises with restricted traffic zones, the diesel is singled out. If you live in an urban area, it may be more difficult for you to sell your diesel at a discounted price. Do not lose hope, since if it is a minivan, a compact or family SUV, or a road, they may still interest individuals who are used to driving a lot or living in rural areas where standards are more flexible.

Market Value

Market value is another important factor that highly impacts the value of your used car. You must not go unrealistic and depending on the present market value of the same model but the latest edition. By knowing the present value of the model, you will be able to set a value that also complies with the other factor.

The Price is Impacted by Certain Criteria Depending on Your Use

Sometimes choosing a model with more options will not necessarily bring you more money during the sale. The more powerful and imposing the car, the more it consumes, which is not necessarily within the reach of all budgets.
Here are the main criteria to take into account:

  1. Inform an upgrade or parts that result in higher consumption and a higher replacement cost for certain parts.
  2. Fuel can be a problem depending on whether you drive a lot or are used to making short city trips.
  3. The maintenance cost is much higher for a more powerful vehicle, so it is important to think twice before acquiring this imposing SUV that makes you eye.
  4. Certain options can facilitate resale and add a capital gain on the price of a used car. For example, air conditioning, reversing radars, etc.
  5. The color of your vehicle is also important. A gray or black car will sell more easily than a metallic rose
  6. Avoid configurations that are too out of the ordinary. For a compact vehicle, do not choose a low finish or entry-level engine

What Else Should You Consider as a Seller?

For better sell, you also need to consider some other things about the price, and putting a price that looks appealing goes well on selling. When you set the price try to put slightly less than what your valuation is. For example, if the car values and you want to sell for 10,00,000 rupees, set the price at 990000 rupees. Because there is a huge mental involvement in this price and it tends to attract more buyers. On the other hand, you should never put something unrealistic because in the end when a buyer is looking for specification, they will come up with the value themselves and if according to their valuation, your price looks good, there is a high chance of selling your car.

To conclude, despite the toughness of the valuation of your car, it is not impossible to value. There are several points that you should look into if you are going to buy a car. It might be your first car and you don’t want to bump into a car that is not worth the money. Similarly, those who are selling are the first people who should make the value of their car depending on age, engine condition, fuel consumption, interior condition, and market value. On top of everything, no matter if you are a buyer or a seller, your price should look realistic.

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