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gaming keyboard buying guide

The gamer keyboard is one of the main PC accessories to maintain the high performance of your game. It can make all the difference in your victory and gameplay. So, it is important to choose calmly the best option for your favorite game and of course, that has the best cost-benefit for you.

Style Matters, But Not Everything

The first tip is that not always the keyboard full of lights, which blinks in the dark and full of pyrotechnic tricks is what you need. The design is really important and the lights help – especially if you want to play in dark environments, if you have nighttime gaming habits, as it helps you to see the keys cool.

The most important thing in a gamer keyboard is the one called Switch. The switch is the key’s response mechanism – and the technical response speed the computer will have when you press that key. The better, the more tuned your game becomes, the more instantaneous your commands become.

Choose keyboards where each key has its own Switch and acts independently. This benefit, in addition to speed, the better understanding between machine and player, for example in games that require multiple and fast commands with a lot of variations.

Which Features Are Your Priority?

Don’t forget some mandatory things, like a USB port, ergonomic attributes, and durability. A gaming keyboard is very sturdy and can handle more than 50 million clicks.

Finally, evaluate your target game. Are there any key arrangements that benefit performance? Is the QWERTY scheme ideal for your game? In many cases, it is also possible to choose the layout of the buttons on your device, so calculate this well before purchasing an accessory.

How Much Should You Pay for A Good Gaming Keyboard?

However, keyboards with key switches – called mechanics – are, as a rule, more expensive and technological. In addition, the structure is more sensitive, which can mean more serious damage in contact with subjects, liquids, or pets.

But not every gaming keyboard is mechanical. You can also opt for a more affordable option, with some optimized functions, but still in the conventional membrane system. It will be less durable and faster, but it is certainly cheaper.

Make Sure to Check Compatibility with Your PC

Before you buy a new accessory, make sure it fits your PC’s reality. The operating system – Windows, Linux, Mac OS – is also a crucial factor in acquiring a suitable keyboard. It is not worth finding out that it does not fit well on your computer when installing.

Another deciding factor is the customization power of the accessory. Check if it is possible to reprogram keys, switch them, and include commands with simultaneous touches or commands determined by you.

Finally, analyze: how do you type? Do you use key strength or do you prefer speed? The conventional keyboard causes, much more easily, the so-called Ghosting, which happens when you press a key but the command does not happen. The sensitivity of membrane devices is lower and can leave you in the dark.

The Colors of the Switch on Your Gaming Keyboard

The colors of the Switch’s mechanisms reveal the main property of that keyboard. This is a market convention, which helps gamers choose the best option according to their style of play.

  • Red: more comfortable for long game afternoons. It is the lightest and “easy to tighten”, makes the least noise.
  • Blue: more resistance to touch, gives more sound to the click, in other words, it is a bit noisy. It goes for those who need more typing strength.
  • Brown: it is less light than red, but still has a more noticeable touch. And this is best for beginners.
  • Black: full speed. It is the fastest between typing and machine response, so fast that it is only suitable for experienced gamers.

Latest Generation Keyboard

Finally, there is an even stronger evolution, if you have even more investment power: the optical keyboard is just for the best. Such devices do not use electrical commands to trigger commands, but infrared lighting. This makes typing speed even faster. At the speed of light.

Prices can be high, but they already come with all the benefits – anatomical, backlight, connectivity with all operating systems and they just feel better.

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