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Did you know that there are correct ways to charge your phone, but most people don’t know them? In order for you to realize that there are risks in doing this simple task in the wrong way, we will present you ways to correct such flaws.

It is common, at times, to read the news on cell phones that exploded and burned, injuring, or killing users around the world. This sounds bizarre, but it is more common than you think. In this text, you will find some very useful tips to preserve the battery life of your cell phone and, also, on safety, to prevent accidents from happening.

Avoid Charging Your Phone to Maximum Capacity

This tip seems illogical at first, but it is not. Cell phone batteries are made of lithium, a material that doesn’t get along very well with extremes. For this reason, try to prevent the load from reaching zero or 100% capacity. Try to conserve your load, when possible, between 20% and 80%. We know that this is not always feasible, but if you keep a charger close by in your daily life, do that control. Giving a lot of charges a day on a cell phone doesn’t hurt the battery. The bad thing is to make it work in extreme situations.

Do Not Charge the Phone Near Flammable Objects

As obvious as this tip is, it is worth quoting. Cell phones are electronic devices, tend to heat up, and in the event of a breakdown or short circuit, fire principles can occur. We hope this does not happen, but if it does happen, never try to put out an electric fire with water. It is a great conductor of electricity, so using it, in this case, will make things much worse. Therefore, contain the flames by smothering them, throwing dirt on them or covering them with something that does not catch fire. It needs heat, fuel, and oxygen to stay on. Therefore, removing oxygen, it is easily extinguished.

Never Use the Phone While Charging

When charged, the cell phone battery increases the temperature. Thus, when using the telephone, there is an increase in information processing, leading to the heating of the processor and the entire device, generating the risk of explosion. Most of the news about people injured with exploding cell phones occurs for this reason. So, be very careful! If the phone rings while charging, remove it from the power, to answer the call, returning it to the outlet at the end.

Pay Attention to The Use of Alternative Chargers

Alternative chargers work (not always with the same performance), but care must be taken when using them. Thus, acquire quality items, with origin and guarantee. Have the settings of your cell phone’s original charger ready, as data such as incoming load, output, and amperage are important so that you do not overload your device. You can find this information in the original charger or on the manufacturer’s website.

Finally, beware of “Chinese porters”, whose origins are unknown. They are generally manufactured without following the necessary safety standards and have become the main cause of accidents. In fact, cell phones and smartphones have become a worldwide necessity, whether for use at work or in everyday life. So, it is important to always pay attention to the conscious and safe use of the device, especially when charging the cell phone, preventing you or a loved one from being hurt by any carelessness. Did you identify with this text? Do you know anyone who doesn’t follow these rules? It’s a good time to share it on your social networks and show everyone the correct way to charge your phone.

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