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DSLR Cameras are expensive and when you buy a second-hand camera, you get a very low price but there is some shortcoming too. If you are a pro you will understand the difference but if you are a new person waiting for a DSLR, you need to know some basics of choosing a used DSLR camera. Every year new DSLR cameras are coming in the market and those are professionals, they need better features that is why they are buying new cameras and selling the previous one, making the second-hand market a great option for those who do not look for the latest cameras but want to a quality camera. Now the question is how to choose a good second-hand DSLR camera? We are going to discuss a few things that you should consider before you purchase a camera from an individual or market.

Check the Shutter Counts

The shutter of a camera has a certain life. Every shutter can be operated a specified number of times. Then the mechanism must be replaced with a new one. Manufacturers supply the number of possible fillings, making it easy to find on the Internet by doing a search. If the number of shutters of a camera is close to the maximum number of shutters that we have found on the Internet, then it may not be a great purchase, since we will have to replace the mechanism very soon, with the corresponding expense.

We can ask the seller of the camera how many seals it has. If we have the option to use the camera ourselves, then we can determine it in several ways.

There are a number of options to check the shutter counts from cameras but checking shutter counts works in different ways on different camera brands. If you search for this issue on the internet, you will find this easily and then can check the camera before you purchase them.

Check the Sensor

The sensor is the one that captures the image, and a sensor in poor condition is the insurance of poor photographic quality. An easy way to locate sensor problems is to shoot a photo on a bright object, such as a blue sky, with an aperture of f / 22, or as small as possible. If you passing the photograph to a computer, we can check if the sensor is dirty or damaged. We will also be able to know if there are dead pixels. However, it is recommended to capture a very dark photograph, and you can do it with the cover on, and then you should compare the two.

From the camera menu, we can also lift the mirror, so that we can see the sensor, and detect if it has been scratched. If there is dust, we will have to clean it, but scratch cannot be cleaned.

Check the Lenses

If you are not only buying a camera but a pack that includes lenses, then you will also have to make sure that the condition of the lenses is good. Check for streaks on the lenses at both ends. Lenses also have two filters, and you always need to check that the thread of the lens is perfect. Don’t forget to test the lens, and make sure that the autofocus motor works perfectly.

Something that usually affects the targets a lot is fungi. A lens that has been in storage for a long time could have been damaged by the fungi and could be difficult to repair. Make sure you know if it has been stored for a long time. If the user has used it frequently will be much better at least for lenses. It will most likely work well unless they have received many hits.

Check the Display

The LCD screen of a DSLR camera is not very important, but it could be something to consider if we hesitate between several cameras to buy. We are interested to know if it is scratched, or if it has dead pixels. To check for dead pixels, it is best to display various colored images. Orange, Blue, Yellow, White, Red, Green, Black … when switching between these images, in case there are dead pixels, we should be able to locate them.

However, it should be borne in mind that a screen with dead pixels will allow us to capture the same photographs, so it might not be so decisive.

Check the Out Appearance

The shutter button could be very clear proof of how the camera has been used. The camera strap, or the cap, if they are badly worn, could also indicate that the camera has been heavily used. Finally, if we realize that the camera is dirty, then it is not only a camera that we will have to clean, but the seller has not even stopped to clean it to sell it better, which makes us deduce that he has not taken care of anything the camera.

Documentation and Packaging

A vendor who preserves the documentation, packaging, and accessories for the camera is a vendor who is sure to have taken care of the camera. Therefore, we must take this into account when buying the camera. Sometimes it is better to spend a little more on buying a camera from a vendor who has surely taken care of the camera. They are not essential elements, so we could buy a camera that does not include them, but they can be decisive in knowing the state of the camera.

Buying a used DSLR is not just an exciting factor but also to be worried because if you buy something that will last serve you a very small time, this is going to make you frustrated. Cameras are considered based on its shutter counts because after a certain shutter count, it will stop working properly and you have to fix them. Therefore, you have to see every aspect of a DSLR camera before you make the purchase. The above-listed issues should be checked when you are buying a DSLR and if everything is ok you are on the safe side.

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