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First of all, take a deep breath and remember that at the end of all this, you will have a new car! Or a used car that suits your budget. And it will be worth the time and energy you spend finding the perfect car because you have us to help you.

To make sure that you will not only love your new vehicle but feel good about how you found that vehicle and how much you paid for it, we have developed a Buyer’s Guide step by step that works for both new and used cars.

Know What Do You Want?

Before you even get into a dealership, take some time – and do an online search – for what you want. The dealership floor is not the place to start deciding in terms of vehicle type, your budget, the features you want, color, make, or model. To start, think about how you are going to use the vehicle.

Not how you could use it, but how, on a daily basis, you are really going to use it. Many people assume they need a vehicle that will meet every need they could find in the five years they own it. Also, think about how long you plan to keep the vehicle. How could you change your life in that time? This is not the time to buy a sexy two-door coupe if you plan to have a baby soon.

New Vs Used

For each person who says new cars lose a great deal of their value the minute they leave the dealership, there are many people who consider that when you buy a used car, it is like you are buying someone else’s problems. But you get to understand that this is not the case all the time.

When you are asking for a new car that comes with better security features and technology integration. You would even feel better if you find something that comes with great technology. In most cases, people change their cars for more space and technology features. Sometimes people also consider the stressless car experience that comes with hassle-free running time.

On the other hand, there are various advantages to buy a used car because you can buy something in a low budget. But you are getting a good car that would cost you much if you would buy it new. So, it is like more car for less money. Sometimes we are carried away by the idea of reliability and move for new cars. But if you are buying something that has run for a few years, reliability is not a matter if you check

The Test Drives and Documentation

The useful time you sit in the car is absolutely critical. So, if the person selling the vehicle or the seller won’t let you drive it in a meaningful test drive on public roads, stay away. You are about to spend thousands of dollars on this vehicle so it is reasonable to have the expectation of having this time first.

It may also be the first new car that you have driven in a while. So, the first thing you perceive might feel great simply because it’s new. But be sure to drive the competing models to really get a feel for what you should expect. The worst new car on the market could still handle better than you are used to, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth buying.

Drive it on the Streets

Drive how you would normally drive your current car. Stop, go on, change lanes, join in; have a vehicle feel at lower speeds. Head down a difficult road or a burial mound or pothole to see if there are significant vibrations or noises that are a concern.

Drive on a highway

Not only does this give you a sense of how the car is driving at speed, but it can also reveal tremors, vibrations, and noise that you could ignore at lower speeds. Use this time to check your blind spots also while changing lanes.

Park The Car

 Is there a rear-view camera, parking sensors, a huge blind spot that causes you to hit a tree or hit the sidewalk? Park the car in parallel and turn it in a K-turn at least once to see how it feels. 

Look for Documentation

Every car has its hit record and many other records kept by the government. When you are looking for proper documentation you should also check with the Sri Lankan authority to find out possible. Find out if the car has any bad record and how many times it has gone for big modification and servicing. License and registration are crucial to every car and you must consider finding any issue.  

Time to Make the Deal

This is the part of buying a car that people hate the most: you want to make sure that you are getting a good deal and that they are not taking advantage of you. But it is also uncomfortable to ask what you want from the seller or distributor. 

It is incredible that you are going to have a new car after all this hassle and it is not far away. 

The seller wants to sell the vehicle. You have the power in this situation to walk away at any time. You are doing your research so you know not only the vehicle you want but also what you should pay for that vehicle. Just make sure you make this decision at your own pace, without the pressure of the seller.

Take your new or newly bought used car home and drive carefully. After you buy a car you should also go for a thorough checkup and if possible, have it serviced so that you understand the weakness and strength of the car. If you are following this guide right, you are highly likely to buy your dream car at an affordable cost that runs well.  

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