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If not, everyone can afford a state-of-the-art iPhone, the imminent release of a new Apple terminal generally results in lower prices for the second-hand market. If you are driven by the adventure and premium experience, know that it is not without risk. From our end, we recommend you to take some pre-purchase precautions by carrying out some checks. No matter you buy a second-hand or refurbished phone, this is the principle of less risky iPhone purchases.

For a second-hand purchase made through a classified ad on a specialized site like QuikAds, we recommend that you check some information before meeting the seller.

1. Check the status of the activation lock

Since the arrival of the activation lock with iOS 7, many people have secured their favorite phone. And due to that security feature, who bought a used iPhone have found themselves after a few days with a splendid lock instead of a functional iPhone. Their mobile suddenly stopped working, and a window asking them to enter the iCloud password of the previous owner was displayed. The only problem, without this password, the iPhone with the iCloud account, remains unusable.

The first step to take before rushing into this great deal is to ask the seller to unlink the iCloud account from the device. You can very easily check whether the iPhone is blocked or not by going to the dedicated online service set up by Apple. You just need to enter the serial number or IMEI of the device you want to buy to check whether the activation lock is active or not.

2. Check the Unlocking

If this may seem obvious to techies, less knowledgeable users may not think of verifying that the iPhone purchased is unlocked. If there is no magic solution to perform the verification, remember to insert your SIM card on the day of purchase to ensure that the network is well recognized. Without this, you will be condemned to change the operator.

3. Check the Concordance of the IMEI

It may sound preposterous, but it is perfectly possible to create a working iPhone from parts of the iPhone hardware system. To be certain that your device has not been boned by anyone, remember to check that the IMEI indicated in the Device settings matches the IMEI displayed on the shell.

4. Consult the Warranty Status

Some sellers can use it as a selling point to inflate the price, and a terminal still under warranty may still be eligible for an extended warranty from Apple Care. To check the warranty status of an iPhone, Apple has, again, set up a page on its website. So, it is easy to check and you just need to enter the serial number. You can also regain the information by inputting the IMEI of the device.

You will then find out if the date of purchase of the device allows you to benefit from a possible guarantee, as well as the possibility of benefiting from assistance.

5. Check Battery Charge Cycles

If you must already be in possession of the device to carry out the manipulation, checking the number of charge cycles of your iPhone’s battery can be a good indicator of smartphone wear, especially if you have acquired a refurbished model.

Several Sri Lankan sellers have specialized in the reconditioning of smartphones, and more particularly of iPhones. If upon receipt of the package the device looks new, you still have your withdrawal period if you change your mind or simply if the device does not work properly. Most refurbished and used iPhones come from abroad, often from the United States which can be easily understood by the mobile and device model and it is always worth trying to trace the history of the smartphone.

There are several ways to find all this information on an iPhone history and there are many applications and software that you can find from the online sources. On the other hand, Apple also has some software that can track down all this information. But it is our responsibility to let you know that you should always check iPhone before you purchase otherwise you may not be able to use your iPhone after a certain period of time.

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